Adrian Gundy

I am an Organisational Development consultant who manages change in a positive way to grow and improve companies and organisations. I work with people in a facilitative way building on what is successful, moving the company from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

I am an Accredited EFQM Excellence Assessor, aIRCA Aerospace Auditor logo colourn Ireland Excellence Awards Senior Assessor, a SC21 Lead Auditor, an AS9100 and ISO9001 IRCA Certified Auditor.

IRCA QMS Auditor logo colour

I use a range of innovation and creative thinking tools and systems to help people ‘see’ things differently. And when they see things differently they will have different ideas and suggestions to move the organisation forward. I seek insight and breakthrough; game-change and paradign shift. I believe in skills transfer so that my clients can do things for themselves after I leave.EFQM logo new flat small

Working in Innovation, NPD, Problem Solving, Continuous Improvement, Quality Management Systems, Auditing, Creativity, Business Continuity, Sustainable Business and Team/Personal Effectiveness – I have an extensive list of clients, case studies and testimonials.

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