Balanced Scorecards & Strategy Maps


In today’s challenging financial environment there is a fundamental imperative for any organisation to be able to develop a clear strategy for its future success and to deliver on this strtaegy. Too often, however, organisations spend time developing strategies and business plans that fail to be implemented successfully. The use of strategy maps and balanced scorecard enables organisations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into actions at all levels within an organisation. When fully deployed, the use of strategy maps and the balanced scorecard transforms strategic planning from an academic exercise into the driving force of an enterprise.


The aim of this session is to introduce the principles of Strategy Maps and the Balanced Scorecard and show how they can be used to develop and align objectives and targets, monitor performance and drive improvement. The session will include syndicates giving you an opportunity to begin constructing a strategy map and a scorecard. It will allow you to understand the key elements and aims of strategy maps and the balanced scorecard and how to use and implement them, in an integrated manner, to manage and measure organisational performance.

You will gain learning and insight that you will be able to apply in your workplace tomorrow. This personal development workshop is suitable for people from the private, public and voluntary sectors.


  • Basic concepts of strategy maps and the balanced scorecard and how they can be used to improve organisation performance
  • How strategy maps and the balanced scorecard apply to different types of organizations
  • How to build and implement a strategy map and scorecard for your oganisation
  • How to develop more meaningful performance measures
  • The use of templates to help with its design and deployment.
  • The learning style is highly participative and interactive. You will work as part of a team working on a case study to design a Scorecard and Strategy Map.


This training workshop is suitable for senior and middle managers from any organisation. Experience or prior knowledge, whilst helpful, is not required as this workshop is fully self contained. The focus is on how scorecards are actually done in practice and in the workplace.

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