Top 10 Drivers of Competitiveness – #3 Design your Business Model

Design your Business Model that is appropriate for you and your market. This is how the goods and services are delivered, and how the money flows. It is well proven that the biggest threat to companies is poor cash flow, and this is the single biggest killer of companies; that and unsustainable levels of debt. The single biggest area of innovation coming out of the USA is not new products, technologies or inventions, although there are plenty of these – its new business model innovations and designs. Business Model is defined by ‘The Business Model Innovation’ community, (details at ) as “The rationale of how a company creates, captures and delivers value”. It’s that broad and that specific. In the olden day, marketing people would have talked about the ‘marketing mix’ that ephemeral, magical combination of the four P’s of Marketing that took us all the nirvana, the Holy Grail. Whilst this is still relevant, the innovation and modern equivalent is the Business Model. By understanding how you create, capture, deliver and GET PAID for value you reduce the propensity to make errors and misjudgements and increase the probability of success.

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