Top 10 Drivers of Competitiveness – #10 Deliver the “Ideal Customer Experience”

The “Ideal Customer Experience”. Be able to understand and describe your customers “Ideal Experience” and focus on delighting them every day. The author James Brown in his book “From Good to Great” cites the enemy of great is good; because if it’s good then it’s good enough! By understanding the ideal or perfect experience for each discrete segment of your customers, you can challenge your staff to go beyond good – and start to ‘delight and surprise’ your customers. A good way to approach this is to walk your customers journey yourself. Start from outside the facility and follow the path of enquiry, engagement, order, delivery and after sales in exactly the same sequence and time as your customer would. As you do this you will “see” from a customers eye; and you’ll see things differently. What’s your first impression, can you find your way around, is it easy, appealing, intuitive, warm, enjoyable, personal. Ask your staff to do the same thing and they’ll start to see the customers eye view also. As you gather the insights, create little projects that start to move things from good to great.

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