Top 10 Drivers of Competitiveness – #5 Build your Customer Relationships

Build your Customer Relationships. In the old days prior to global recession and financial difficulty, marketing people ruled the roost with their marketing communications. Now, it’s more about having a relationship with your customers. I think the picture of a group of people having a noisy conversation in the local pub on a Friday night is a good one. People are talking and listening, exchanging views, changing opinions, arguing, laughing and sharing. And all at the same time! You need to be available to and interact with your customers in much the same way. A good rule of thumb is “speak for two thirds of the time and listen for one third of the time”. This requires you to review how you communicate and gather customer feedback. It’s not easy. If you adopt his simple rule in all your customer communications and interactions, you will gather rich insights and understanding about your customers that will inform you and help you design better product and service solutions that really connect with customers. Over time as you build customer and consumer relationships, these customers will act as advocates for your company and will ‘sell and promote’ to others. The use of social media is a good example of this.

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