Top 10 Drivers of Competitiveness – #6 Offer a Choice of Delivery Channels

Offer a choice of delivery channels – there is always more than one way to market!  We can learn from successful and failing retailers here. Having a physical shoe shop in the town centre or shopping mall is often the starting point, but the successful few go online retailing whilst others complain about no customers. The dot com boom of the late 90’s and early noughties has frightened a lot of people away from online trading, eCommerce and eBusiness. Seems like a strange thing to say when all we hear from the news is the boom in online trading. Yet, as I work with SMEs, so many of them struggle with eBusiness and eCommerce in particular, often not getting much beyond a pretty flat website. The physical is often call the ‘bricks’ and the online the ‘clicks’. Often what is required is a blended approach, what we could call ‘bricks n clicks’. Another option is too have the full quality and robust version, and the ‘lite’ version, the in person version and the no person ( do it yourself) version, the quick, fast n friendly (not cheap and cheerful!) and personal experience version. Experience tells us not to get hung up on price. Yes, it’s often important, in the top three to five considerations, but not often the #1 consideration.

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