Personal Development – Process Mapping to Drive Process Improvement

What is a Process Map?

A process map is a visual tool used to illustrate your core processes. It’s a communication tool, a planning tool, and a tool to drive unnecessary costs out of your organisation. A practical tool to help you identify and address core problems in your organisation.

PROCESS MAPPING is an essential and critical stage in the search for performance improvement. Yet the approach is not widely recognised or understood. PROCESS MAPPING will help managers and staff alike discover where the real problems lie and identify opportunity for improvement.

Why Attend?

Whether delivering a service or producing a product, successful organisations are in continual pursuit of better, faster and cheaper. An agreed, accurate understanding of your processes will provide new sources of rich stimulation for ideas to solve problems and find improvements.

The Centre for Competitiveness has designed this one-day course so that your business may use Process Mapping as THE TOOL to drive improvement. The techniques explained in this practical “hands-on” workshop will yield real, timely, and motivating results.


  • Understand the process of mapping
  • Learn the six levels and types of process maps, including SIPOC
  • Engage your people in finding improvements
  • Find causes or problems that contribute to inefficiency
  • Learn how to identify key processes and select processes to map
  • Learn how to use the map to improve the process
  • Explore more ways to improve processes
  • Learn key tips for facilitating improvement groups

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