LEAN for Services, Public Sector and Healthcare

LEAN for Services, Public Sector and Healthcare is an new and insightful approach that brings proven LEAN thinking and practice to service companies and organisations, the Public Sector and to Healthcare Organisations in a way that fits well, using understandable language with Service examples. LEAN methods and practice has long been proven successful in manufacturing environments, but has always struggled to gain anything like the same success in services, public sector and healthcare.

Dr. Adrian Gundy has spent the last twelve months researching into the application of LEAN in service, has developed this new approach and successfully piloted it withProcess Image service organisations. It is not just about changing the terms and examples from manufacturing to service, rather it is about understanding the fundamental shift in thinking and approach. LEAN in manufacturing focuses on flow and inventory, whereas LEAN in service focuses on flow and productivity.

This highly interactive 1-day workshop uses reflective learning, introduces new thinking, learning by participation and doing, team exercises and a DVD training problem to cover a full and focused agenda that covers these subjects: –

  • Introduction to LEAN – setting the context for service
  • The Toyota Way – why the 4Ps work in service
  • The Toyota 14 Principles – and how they are interpreted and used in service
  • Value Stream Mapping for service – using a Canadian healthcare better practice
  • Introduction to the 8 MUDA – in service there are 8 , not 7 as in manufacturing
  • Standardised work training film and team exercise using LEAN A3 template

Towards the end of the afternoon, participants will join together for group work on selected participants internal processes – to apply and consolidate the learning.

Check out the Centre for Competitiveness website here to see when the next open/public workshops are going to be held in both Dublin and Belfast.