Personal Development – Facilitating with Ease to get the Win:Win Solution


These days it is impossible to be part of a business or any organisation without attending meetings. They may be staff meetings, project planning groups, process improvement workshops or any other situation that requires a group of people to come together to share information, generate ideas, evaluate options, build consensus or take decisions.

 Excellent course – highly recommended!       Cathy Lavery 
General Management Support Unit, Southern Education and Library Board


Something that many of them can have in common is the feeling of frustration and wasting people’s time and resources as well as not fully achieving the objectives that the meeting was set up for.

To get the most from your people, you need to know how to create buy-in, generate participation and empower people. It is impossible to build teams, consistently achieve consensus or run effective decision making meetings without facilitation skills. The good news is that these skills can be mastered by anyone.


This one day, highly interactive workshop will make the core facilitation tools and techniques available to you as well as providing opportunities for you to gain skills in their application. During the day you will cover:

* What is a Facilitator?
* A 4-step Model for working across boundaries
* How to get people involved
* Overcoming barriers to participation
* The 6 Decision Making Options
* Managing Conflict
* Making an Intervention
* Planning a Session

Who should attend?

* Team leaders or members
* Project and task force leaders
* Supervisors or managers who hold staff meetings
* Community development practitioners
* Quality and process improvement leaders
* Change managers
* Consultants
* Anyone who needs to lead meetings and gain participation of others in the process.

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