Personal Development – Time Management Effectiveness

If your bank credited your personal account with £480.00 every morning and then cancelled whatever part of the amount that you failed to use by 5.00 p.m., what would you do? Draw out every pound and penny, of course!

Well, Time is like that bank; every morning, we are each credited with 480 minutes in an eight-hour working day, and 1440 minutes in a 24-hour period. Every night, our “time bank” writes off as lost whatever we have failed to invest in a good purpose. It carries no balance forward and allows no overdrafts. Each new day, it opens a new account with us, and each night it burns the record for the day.
What is this approach?

This training workshop enables participants to self-discover the essential principles in effective Time Management. It is centred on a self-administered time management effectiveness profile that provides a detailed process for assessing each participants existing capacity to manage their time efficiently. This is done by measuring time management ability in seven competencies: –

  • Personal Focus
  • Preparation
  • Organisational Ability
  • Pressure Management
  • Delegation
  • Interruption Management
  • Results Orientation

The profile identifies the areas for improvement and is conducted in advance of the workshop. On the day, time and energy is then focused on these specific areas for improvement, thus ensuring the maximum effectiveness of time spent at the training workshop.

It has been tailored to suit the Ireland/Northern Ireland context and is part of the management and leadership personal development portfolio of Adrian Gundy from the Centre for Competitiveness.

What happens on the day?
The completed participant time management effectiveness profiles are returned to the trainer in advance of the training day, so that effective time planning can be executed. The workshop is then tailored around these needs and identified areas for improvement. The workshop is organised like this: –

  • Presentation of the assessment profile structure
  • Overview of the seven competencies
  • Feedback session
  • Personal Action Planning

This workshop will not in itself improve the way you manage your time. What it will do, however, is offer methods and processes that have been researched and used successfully by many others, and suggest that some of these will be helpful to you. It will not prescribe specific activities or make recommendations about what work to discontinue or re-prioritise. You must identify what will work for you, or what you are willing to try. Remember,

“Time Management is Self-Management”

Who would benefit from this approach?

Absolutely anyone in any organisation at any level. It is equally appropriate for the private, public and voluntary sectors and for any size of company or organisation.


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